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Ilkka Jarno Thomas Antti Kosti Olli Pasi


CM Swing is a Finnish semi-professional band that performs entertaining cover music by using only human voice. The ensemble consists of seven young singers who all share a 15-year background in Finland's most famous boys' choir Cantores Minores.

CM Swing has taken interest in performing songs that you would not normally hear from a vocal ensemble. CM Swing's repertoire consists of the best pop, rock and jazz classics dating from the 30s all the way to the hits of the present day; from Beatles to Michael Jackson and from the Louis Armstrong to Lordi.


The history of the ensemble dates back to 2002. Ever since then, CM Swing has performed actively, giving a total of more than 200 energetic performances, ranging from small private events to concerts for wider audience. CM Swing is a humorous and entertaining band that has to be seen. After once experiencing CM Swing, you will hunger for more!